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"One who gives food gives all that is worth giving in this world.”

Annadhanam is the offering of food to those devotees visiting the Temple on the day.

Devotees may sponsor food offering for Morning or Evening sessions.

Rice, Sambar, and Papadam will be offered.

Please choose the day, morning, or evening and the related charge.

If you are not attending on the day, please provide names and nachathiram details for prayers before the offering of food.


Please ensure you enter the following in the notes section before checking out:


  1. The date that the prayer is required.
  2. Name and Natchathiram (optional).
  3. Contact Phone number and suitable time for us to call you in the next 24 hours to obtain further information about your requirements.
  4. Please ensure to enter the shipping address during the order checkout process for the Vibuthi Prasadham to be sent via post. 
  5. Please indicate in the note section if you do not wish to receive the Prasadham via post.


Alternatively, please note that the telephone number that you provide during the checkout process will be used to contact you following the completion of your request.

Annadhanam - Food offering for Devotees

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